The EFF on 26/05/2017 tabled a motion that the Cape Town City Council must give back Oude Molen to the indigenous people of Cape Town.

Oude Molten is a historic site where cultural rituals and many significant contributions to the Khoi culture took place.

DA councilors in the City Council, under the leadership of Patricia De Lille as the Mayor of Cape Town vehemently oppose this request.

The official opposition, the ANC abstained from this motion and the only political party supporting the EFF was Aljamaah.

Abstaining, while their Constitutional delinquent president, copying the first pillar of Expropriation of land without Compensation of the EFF, advocates is indicative of the chameleon character of the bunch of slow thinkers.

It is crystal clear that the descendants of the first inhabitants of the Cape again decided to support their masters, the very same people who murdered, raped and robbed the Khoi-khoi people of their ancestral land.

What is most disappointing is that the White people are not even in the majority in the Council and could have passed the motion easily. Or is it a matter of towing a white line and upholding that supremacy?

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