The EFF in the Western Cape is asking the question – ‘Has Whites in the Western Cape declared a racial war against Black people?’ –  in the most unequal Province in terms of general humane treatment and wealth in South Africa.

The recent attempt to murder Mr Curtley Pieterse is indicative of how people are being treated by some within the White minority.

To restrain a human being by chaining him to a pole, beat him to pulp and left him for dead shows the utmost disdain white people have for others which the only difference is their pigmentation.

Mr Curtly Pieterse was in the employ of a security company tasked to ensure the very safety of this white animal.

The silence of the DA controlled Western Cape government is deafening. The same people who brought them into power are being treated like third class human beings.

This trend can only be stopped if the Black people in the Western Cape come to their senses as soon as possible.

It is mind boggling how the Couloureds in the Western Cape entrusted their votes to murderous Whites.

For a month before an election they are being treated like royalty, being coerced to forget what treatment they received for 4 years and 11 months.

The so-called Coloured politicians from DA Provincial representatives down to DA Mayors and councillors must bow their heads in shame.

They are the ones that must take the blame for such behaviour and poverty within our communities.

Are they colluding with Whites for the sake of money and by doing so sell out their own from the soil of Africa?

Let us stop to allow that the issuing of T-shirts, food parcels and in general dependency to decide our political choices.

Take the T-shirts and food parcels, but make an informed decision at the only place this rot can be stopped, at the ballot box.

Bernard Joseph
EFF Provincial Chairperson Western Cape.

Melikhaya Xego
EFF Provincial Secretary Western Cape.

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