Eff intervenes in horrifying human sanitation neglect in Drakenstein municipality

The EFF in the Cape Winelands was called to intervene in the horrifying human sanitation issue, showing a total disregard for human dignity by the Drakenstein Municipality and ultimately the Cape Winelands District Municipality.

On Wednesday evening (16/11/2016) the Provincial Chairperson of the EFF, Bernard Joseph paid a visit to ward 27 after being informed by Maritsa Stubbs of the health hazards surrounding the communal toilets in Chester Williams informal settlement.

With utter dismay, disgust and total disbelief it was observed that human excrement is all over the place within 1 meter of the nearest structures. The stench that came from the toilets was unbearable. He was informed that children of 4-5 years are playing in the area and was shown hospital records that some children have already contracted tuberculosis. Commissar Joseph immediately instructed the councilors of Drakenstein and the Cape Winelands Municipality to leave no stone unturned to address this issue soonest.

A formal complaint was laid at both Municipalities. The Mayor of the Cape Winelands did not even have the decency to answer on the complaint citing she is preparing for a MEC’s visit, while the Drakenstein Municipality cleaned the area on Friday (18/11/2016), but left the excrement behind the toilets.
The EFF registered this treatment of human beings to the SAHRC for their urgent intervention.

The Black and Colored community of Drakenstein must ask themselves the question?
“Is this what we voted the Democratic Alliance in for………?.”

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