EFF meets with Khoi delegation regarding common issues

Economic Freedom Fighters Western Cape Chairperson Bernard Joseph met with a delegation led by King Kadi this weekend to discuss a broad range of issues that affect the poor, and more specifically issues pertaining to the restoration of land and the protection of the culture indigenous to the original people of the Western Cape.

The EFF in the Western Cape and the delegation agreed that an economy that is localized as outlined in the EFF’s election manifesto is congruent with the values of the original inhabitants of what is now post colonial South Africa.

Successive governments in the Western Cape have failed to adequately address the issue of the restoration of land. The truth is that those who have claimed to serve the people of this province have only served the wealthy, the politically connected, the private sector and organized crime. For big business, this has meant untrammeled access to land and resources at the expense of the poor.

The protection of traditional heritage that is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in South Africa, as well as the United Nations Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigeonous People is being trampled on in the Western Cape by a toxic mix of political and corporate actors. To this very day they take what they want – land, water, labour – and leave nothing behind but debt, rot and stagnation.

The Western Cape Chairperson and the delegation resolved to further expose the practices that ordinary people have to suffer every day.

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