EFF WC offers condolences to the family of Judge Essa Moosa


Retired Judge Essay Moosa,  son of District Six will be tremendously missed. Judge Moosa looked at people with compassion, fully knowing what the ravages of apartheid had caused. 

The Judiciary is the only leg of Government that is holding up against an onslaught against them, the only arm of Governance that steadfastly and bravely upholds our Constitutional Democracy has lost a pillar of strength. 

Judge Moosa made an enormous selfless struggle during our years of struggle for freedom. 

The EFF Western Cape hereby convey its heartfelt condolences to the family of Judge Moosa, as well as the Judicial fraternity,  be comforted by the fact that Judge Moosa has fought a gallant fight and South Africa and in particular the Western Cape will miss him dearly.

According Islamic religion, Judge Moosa will be laid to rest today. Further details will follow.

EFF Chairperson Western Cape
Bernard Joseph.
071 559 0316

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