EFF WC Statement on the killing of protesters in Caledon

The EFF Western Cape is extremely disturbed and sends condolences to the families and loved ones of two protesters who were brutally killed in Caledon this morning. We further send well wishes to those who were injured and have been hospitalised. We live in an era where the government of the day, whether ANC or DA, operates exactly like the apartheid government, killing black people in cold blood with no consequences.

The EFF Western Cape asserts that the protests in Caledon are just and so are the demands by community for access to land and access to water and sanitation. What we find more disgusting is the DA-led Theewaterskloof Municipality promising to respond to the demands of the protestors within seven days, only to deploy trigger happy, murderous police and racist private security companies to kill our people like rabid dogs in protection of white interests.

The EFF Western Cape reiterates that at the heart of the Caledon protests is landlessness and poverty perpetuated by the two ruling parties; the failure and refusal of the DA government to provide adequate services to black people in the province and the DA making false promises to our people knowing very well it will kill them instead.

The EFF Western Cape calls on the DA to take full responsibility for what is happening in Caledon and for the cold blooded murder of our people.

The EFF Western Cape calls for the banning of private securities in civil matters, and the regulation of the security industry thereof. The tragedy that happened in Caledon today is evidence that the DA’s call for a provincial police service is purely for the murder and victimisation of our people without being held accountable and for profits of white, owned, racist security companies.

Black people in this country still suffer the most atrocious injustices; we have been murdered, persecuted and racially discriminated against in the past 25 years under so-called democratic South Africa. We have observed all democratic processes and laws and continue to do so despite treated like nobodies in our land of birth. But one day, we will get tired of burying each other and our children and all of this will come to an end.


#CaledonProtests #OurLandAndJobsNow


Contact :
Cmsr Melikhaya Xego (Provincial Chairperson) : 081 711 3938
Ftr Phiwaba Madokwe (Provincial Media and Communications Liaison): 065 990 7211
E-mail : effwcapemediaandcomms@gmail.com
Facebook : @EFFWCapeOfficial
Twitter : @EFFWesternCape_
Instagram : EFFWesternCape
Website : www.effwc.org.za

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