EFF Western Cape Christmas message

The EFF is unapologetically a socialist movement. The EFF is unapologetically the vanguard for the poor. The EFF boldly proclaim that to ensure that the dignity of people is restored, the land must be expropriated without compensation and be equally distributed.

All 7 cardinal pillars of the EFF talk directly to the reason why our Heavenly Father sent His Son to Earth. This led to igniting the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving, of sharing and to treasure the company of our loved ones and those close to us.

On behalf of our Provincial Command Team we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all sympathizing with the noble cause of the Economic Freedom Fighters and urge you to join us in advocating that freedom within our lifetime, is a given.

The committed fighters and ground-forces of our Movement, may this Christmas period be full of laughter, full of love and compassion. With you in our midst the Western Cape is definitely ensured of sustainable stability and growth.

We are thinking very fondly about the esteemed fighters who passed on to continuously guide us to reach our goal of economic freedom for all. We, as EFF family as well as your loved ones miss you tremendously, but is secured and comforted in the knowledge that you had fought a very good fight and that we will be influenced by you as our Bethlehem star. Rest in perfect peace, fighters.

We hereby wish all South Africans and specifically the people of the Western Cape a wonderful, peaceful and fulfilling Christmas.

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