Eff western cape wishes our provincial chair a speedy recovery

We wish our Provincial Chair Commissar Bernard Joseph a speedy recovery. As we all know our Chair has been on the road tirelessly campaigning for the EFF throughout the province. He has for some time been rising early, traveling great distances and meeting people from all sectors of society all over the Western Cape until the early hours of the morning, often seven days a week.

This is the content of his character that is on display, not only in elections periods, but throughout his time in the EFF and other organisations. Commissar Bernard Joseph builds organizations, relationships and programmes in the interests of the poor and the working class. He is truly a selfless public representative who is available to all who seek his counsel, assistance and intervention.

Let us all follow Commissar Bernard Joseph’s example and give the very last of our energy and endeavour in the interests of building the EFF. May our prayers and good wishes be with our Chairperson as he recovers, and let us as the ground forces make him proud.

Kom binne EFF, Kom Binne!

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