Mosselbay Corruption

It doesn’t take a genius to see how unequally services are being distributed in the Mosselbay Municipal District.One just needs to walk down the main road to see the luxury upper-class housing of the historic white ultra rich, against the impoverished squalor of the marginalised Coloured and African Black majority.

The whites are economically advantaged as can be noticed in the ownership of most of the local businesses, as well as the bigger tenders and contracts obtained by the white run municipality. We don’t even have proper toilets in many of our little houses.

The poor, on the other hand suffer under unemployment and overcrowded conditions.
Frequenting shebeens is the only recreation for the youth in the Hoogland municipality’s marginalised communities.

It is clear to us that the draconic bylaws were created by this Municipality specifically to exclude the poor and keep us out of sight.

In 2012 the National Treasury released a forensic report on their investigation done at the Karoo Hoogland Municipality.

This forensic report recommended that the Hoogland municipality must consider corrective actions through civil recovery and or criminal proceedings against the implicated officials.

One of the implicated officials was the Chief Financial Officer, Dr Marius Botha.
When he was asked about his so-called doctorate qualifications, he responded that he will only answer to this matter in the presence of his lawyer.

He was paid a bonus of R20 000 for work well done in 2009/2010, when he only commenced working at that municipality in June 2011.

His “Bokkie” received jobs from that municipality worth more than half a million rand without the proper paperwork in the supply chain.
Remunerations, bonuses of more than R100 000 per year was paid out at times, amongst a small group of white friends.

Even after the recommendations made by the Treasury findings, Botha resigned from that position, and 14 days later he was appointed at this very municipality in the exact same position of Chief Financial Officer.

The EFF queries the legitimacy of his appointment in this sensitive position. It seems vetting of candidates is only applicable when it comes to coloured and African Black jobseekers at this municipality.
We need to rid our community and our government of all forms of corruption, including corrupt and criminal individuals within our municipal or state system.

We, the majority of the ratepayers, demand Marius Botha to be suspended with immediate effect, and that the recommendations and considerations made by the Treasury’s Forensic report be implemented.

The Economic Freedom Fighters in the Western Cape would rather see the likes of Marius Botha criminally charged than in charge of our finances.

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