Statement – DA members defect en masse to the Economic Freedom Fighters

Official statement regarding DA members defecting en masse to the EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters in the Western Cape today welcomes new members who have joined from the Democratic Alliance. Over a hundred former DA members and supporters from Gugulethu and Ravensmead have committed themselves to the revolutionary principles of the EFF as espoused in our founding documents and the Seven Cardinal Pillars of the EFF.

In this disciplined movement, we do not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered as the National Party did to our people, as the Democratic Alliance continues to do. While the ANC reap the violent whirlwind of its chronic political and racial factionalism, corruption and incompetence in the Western Cape, it is the poor who suffer from the lack of accountable and responsible opposition government. The ANC in the Western Cape exists only to oppose itself. For the intents and purposes of representing the best interests of communities, the ANC is asleep at the wheel.

In DA controlled Cape Town it is the poor who suffer the worst of the societal ills of crime, gangsterism, racism and poor service delivery. Ravensmead is rife with these problems that have not been addressed at all. Patricia de Lille’s City of Cape Town perpetuates apartheid spatial planning and nowhere is this more evident than in the juxtaposition of Gugulethu with the affluent suburb of neighbouring Pinelands. To the DA and the residents and businesses of Pinelands, Gugulethu is an open air hostel of cheap disposable labour to service the rich with cashiers, domestic workers and gardeners.

The only use for black and coloured people in the Democratic Alliance is to turn up at the polls in a blue t-shirt. The DA ignores feedback and critique from the communities that they ostensibly serve, as well as from their structures. The poor, workers and non-whites are sidelined, marginalized and patronized within the DA structures. Sometimes dissenters are censured for daring to air legitimate grievances.
The DA is an authoritarian regime that must be held to account in councils and eventually toppled at the polls. The reality is that almost every single poor and working class family is worse off now than they were a few years ago. Successive governments have failed the people of Cape Town, both in governance and in opposition.

The EFF has a radical plan to grow and sustain the local economies of all communities, to ensure community safety and to provide access to the formal economy. We have a plan to ensure that the most vulnerable in society is protected from the greedy blue machine that steals from the poor and gives to the rich. Only the EFF can critically interrogate the subversive creep of Patricia de Lille and Helen Zillle’s anti-poor and anti-working class agenda.

Each and every day we receive applications for membership of the EFF. We welcome our new Fighters to this organization, but there is no time to celebrate. The most urgent assignment for all Fighters including our new members is to mobilize others in our communities to vote EFF in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

The DA must fear us when we are in local government. We do not sleep, rest on our laurels and pander to Helen and Patricia’s nonsense. Our path to political power will not be a short and simple journey, but we will not rest until our historic mission is accomplished. We will accomplish this mission one new member at a time, street by street and ward by ward until we consign both the DA and the ANC to the history books.

Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a revolutionary socialist economic emancipation movement founded in 2013 in South Africa to fight for economic freedom in our lifetime.

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