The honesty of Zille: The emperor has no clothes

EFF Western Cape is not surprised at the utterance of Helen Zille, that colonialism wasn’t all bad. In fact, we respect her for finally bringing to the fore the true core beliefs of white liberals in the DA, that we as the oppressed should thank our oppressors for the murder, rape and theft of our country and its people, for the genocide against the San people, for the wholesale theft of our land and its mineral resources, for the indignity and suffering of the group areas act and the crime of apartheid, for dehumanizing generations of black south Africans. This is white supremacy at its best. As our very vocal leader puts it, ours is the only country where a revolution has taken place and nothing material has changed.


Whites kept their stolen land and wealth and it is the very cru of the matter. Those whites with their stolen wealth feel superior precisely because they gained twice, first as thieves and now as protected citizens of our constitution. Put another way, they stole the land and its wealth and gave us a bible in return. Now, post 1994, they kept their stolen wealth and get all their rights protected, including their stolen property, only now it is termed private property under the constitution. Why should they not feel superior when the new South Africa under the ANC regime legitimized their stolen wealth with a protection of private property clause in the constitution?  The constitution at Codessa laundered trillions of rands, illegitimately acquired, into clean money. Imagine negotiating with a armed robber about which part of your wallet you can get back, I should imagine only your ID document and drivers license, not the cash, credit cards or jewelry. That in essence is what we as black South Africans received at Codessa. Negotiated robbery.

Helen Zille should be commended for honesty, for finally exposing the different discourses that happens amongst white capitalist. In public they defend the constitution since they basically wrote it at Codesssa. The ANC was and is still just a rubberstamp as protectors of white capital. In private, amongst other whites they are more blunt and honest and discuss the ungratefulness of the “Natives” for asking for political power since under colonialism they got all the white technology and all they had to suffer for it was “a few killings, a few rapes and giving up the land which they had no idea what to do with anyway”.

While we are on the subject, perhaps we should remind the following population groups what they should feel grateful for. Our farm population for being forced to become alcoholics under the dop system, our San people for virtually disappearing as a nation under the firearm technology of white settlers, the six million Jews murdered in Germany should feel grateful for German gas chamber technology.

The sixty million Native Americans should feel grateful that they were murdered with repeater rifles and Gatling machine guns and their descendants have infrastructure such as casinos and countless bars on their homelands and reservations. The 52 million people killed by Stalin alone should feel grateful for Russian technology such as train tracks to Siberia. (Killing Fields). Helen Zille’s statement is proof that SA need the EFF. The ANC is an anti-apartheid party and the reason for its existence is past. The DA is now exposed for what it was all along, an apologist for the crimes of Colonialism.

The EFF is the only true legitimate and honest political party, pulling no punches when it claims to be an anti colonial party, socialist and anti-white capital.


Bernard Joseph

Provincial Chairperson

EFF Western Cape

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