UWC EFF student command statement: The victimization of EFF student activist Aviwe

Continued victimization displayed by scheming UWC executives of politically active students has come to the attention of the EFF Student Command at UWC.

We note that UWC’s erratic suffocating and victimization of politically active students for any little reason, even for breathing, will only intensify consciousness of the systematic victimizing treatment towards students from working-class homes. The University agents’ have drawn our attention once more with its attempt of a wrongful criminal investigation against our force when they arrested #Feesmustfall activist, Fighter Aviwe.

The UWC EFFSC recently learnt of an “EFF student target-list” that have circulated inside the university’s Proctor’s office directly targeting student-activists affiliated to the EFF Students Command and ultimately seek to prosecute them back into society, degree-less!

The EFFSC warns the university and its agents to end this witch-hunt against the UWC EFF students command and its ideological aspirations of Free Quality Education in Our Lifetime. This apartheid-styled attempts to destabilize and kill the student movement will just be amplified.

The UWC EFFSC have no illusions on #Feesmustfall uprisings and do not suffer from any inferiority complexes by trying to seek recognition and approval from an institution that deployed brutal police violence against students and outsourced workers’ dignity during the national outcry of #Feesmustfall. We suggest the university does not interfere in the well-being and status of EFF-affiliated students as we want nothing to do with the university agents’ scheming ways.

We further question the logic behind UWC’s obsessive witch-hunt against EFF-affiliated students, which clearly exceeds mere student party-politics of consensus but indeed it is the tremendous fear administered into State Institutions that the inevitable Revolution of Regime change the EFF can and will usher to South Africans come 2019 General Elections with the support of its radical and militant student-wing EFFSC.

As one of the fastest growing student movements in the country every EFFSC fighter have a responsibility to open the eyes and minds and ears all UWC students to endorse the idea of Free Quality Education in our lifetime which was EXACTLY WHAT FIGHTER AVIWE IS STANDING FOR.

EFFSC do not aspire to become incorporated young professional graduates after obtaining degrees, ours is to seize the socio-political arena to implement radical change in our country. It must also be clearly noted and recognized that the EFF is the only future for South Africa and as the government-in-waiting, no state institution will stop our Revolutionary Movement from taking its rightful course, we therefore advise the university to lay it’s hands off the future leaders associated with EFF.

The UWC EFFSC vividly reminds Tyroné Pretorius and his agents of every student’s Constitutional Right to freedom of association with any political organization and therefore must respect students’ constitutional rights and consider that those rights apply in higher learning institutions irrespective of the university’s desired sovereignty.

We further detest our support and commitment to ensure Fighter Aviwe access his basic right to higher education and no persons, group or institution will deviate the EFFSC from existing as an agent for revolutionary change. We therefore call upon all student command fighters to occupy the rector’s office in solidarity with victimized fighters of UWC EFFSC!



Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a revolutionary socialist economic emancipation movement founded in 2013 in South Africa to fight for economic freedom in our lifetime.

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