Community Meeting – 27 March 2019

[IN PICS] Community meeting addressed by the Secretary General and Deputy Provincial Chairperson, Ftr Nosipho Makamba in Never Never Informal Settlement (Marcus Garvey, Phillipi, Cape Metro) last night, the 27th of March 2019.

Further community meetings taking place:

1. EFF Secretary General and Member of Parliament , Cmsr Godrich Gardee will be addressing Down Town Informal Settlement (Ward 33) at 17h00

2. EFF Western Cape Provincial Chairperson and City of Cape Town Councillor , Cmsr Melikhaya Xego will be addressing Cosovo Informal Settlement (Ward 88, Phillipi) at 18h30

3. EFF Western Cape Deputy Provincial Chairperson and City of Cape Town EFF Chief Whip , Ftr Nosipho Makamba will be addressing Ramaphosa Informal Settlement at 18h00.

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