CIC of EFF mandates EFF Deputy President and National Chairperson to Southern Cape

It is obvious to the Provincial Leadership of EFF Western Cape that the community of the Southern Cape is highly in need of economic emancipation in our lifetime and to take on white minority capital and neo- liberalism head-on.

The numerous complaints about abhorrent economic and living conditions  prompted the National Leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters to intervene drastically in highlighting the plight of the poorest of the poor in this well resourced region of the Western Cape.

The President and Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters mandated the Deputy President and National Chairperson Commissars Floyd Shivambu and Advocate Dali Mpofu to address the people of the Southern Cape.

Deputy President Floyd Shivambu and Advocate Dali Mpofu will address the community of George on 3 December 2016 @ 12:00 in the hall of Thembalethu  Primary School, George.

This will be preceded by the National Leadership visiting Bethesda HIV/AIDS Awareness Centre at 09:00 on 3 December 2016 to cement EFF’s commitment to eradicate this dreadful disease.

On Thursday 01 December 2016 the Provincial leadership of EFF will join the George community in a commeration march highliting the slave trade during which people were treated as sub – human beings.

The EFF in the Western Cape is very excited to have this esteemed leaders in Deputy President Shivambu and National Chairperson Advocate Mpofu their midst and call on the community of George and surrounding areas to attend this event in their numbers.

The Commander in Chief of EFF is attending a memorial service in remembrance of Commandante Fidel Castro and will lead a delegation of Central Command Team members to attend the funeral of Commandante Fidel Castro in Cuba.

Leadership of EFF in the Western Cape is convinced that as a revolutionary movement envisaging economic transformation to include the poor, the EFF will grow massively leading up to the 2019 Provincial and National elections

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