Drakenstein municipality enforcing exclusivity at the river with security guards?

Shocking news was received that up to 30 security guards are safeguarding the Bergriver to a stretch of about 2 km in Bergriver Boulevard, Paarl.

That stretch is recreational space for the people of Drakenstein (Paarl), but it is evident that the DA controlled Municipality is adamant to allow only the white minority access to the recreational area and the river.

Historically this stretch of the river is used by the under-privileged to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Drakenstein Municipality in their wisdom decided to employ a security company to chase them out.

Conrad Poole, Mayor of Drakenstein, himself coming from an underprivileged background must answer to his brothers and sisters in Chicago, Amstelhof, Groenheuwel, Mbekweni, etc.

Why does he allow this to happen or is he captured too?

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