Eff statement on labelling of all imported meat, in particular chickens from the USA

When the South African government capitulated to the United State of America’s threats to remain in African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and allowed flooding of our market with USA chicken, this was done without addressing health concerns raised. As a result, millions of South Africans, in particular black and poor people, are exposed to chickens that Americans themselves do not eat in fear of health risks. Instead of improving their poultry industry to reduce risks the US export to African countries, now including South Africa, their hazardous chickens.

Last month, tonnes of USA chickens hit SA’s retail shelves for the first time in 15 years, and it has come to the attention of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that, there is good chance that these hazardous US chickens are mixed with the locally produced chickens. This will results in trade description applied to US chickens as misleading to consumers, who will be left with no choice but to be exposed to chickens that possibly carries diseases.
The EFF takes this matter with its utmost importance and urgency, and it is for this reasons that we will immediately write to the Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies, to request in terms of Section 24 (4)(a) and (c) the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 No 68, that he amend the information required to be included in the trade prescription of processed and packaged meat products to include the place or country of origin of any goods.
The EFF demands that all chicken and meat products from the US must be clearly and visibly marked with a notice written “MADE IN AMERICA” or “MADE IN THE USA”. This will enable all consumers to isolate American meat from the rest.
The EFF will continue to advocate for consumer rights, establishment and support for small scale chicken farmers, most of whom continue to be tied into unbeneficial contracts with bigger chicken producers.

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