No future for young people in the Western Cape under DA Rule

No future for the young in the Western Cape under the DA’s leadership.

The out-of-touch DA-bourgeoisie currently running the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) need to take full responsibility for the high numbers of school dropouts.
It is their economic policies which they sideline to School Governing bodies that prevents the children of the poor from the democratic right to attend schools.

Many children whose parents are too poor to pay for school fees and other fundraising events, are victimised and even prevented to enroll at many of these state institutions when their school fees are in arrears. Some principles even criminalise the poor by sending lawyers letters to those who cannot afford to pay school fees.

According to recent media reports more than 40 children living in the official squatter community created by the DA-led City of Cape Town, Blikkiesdorp in Delft alone, have not been posted in schools over the past three years. Many of these children are now aged 17 and was forced to stay at home since they last were in grades 6 and 7.

Madame Debbie Schafer, Western Cape  Education Minister, now claims these children are out of the schooling system because they smoked dagga and because the moms went to live with boyfriends.

Bernard Joseph, Chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Western Cape, slammed Schafer’s claims as comfortable excuses to cover-up their failures to provide a safe and secure school environment for the children of the poor.

Joseph says the realities are that the poor do not have the luxury of own transport or to pay for public transport to travel to all the other schools after being rejected by the first few. “These upperty state officials of the WCED expects the poor, sick people to walk up to 5 km from school to school to look for schools willing to accommodate their children, after-which as proven now most of such attempts were unsuccessful anyway.”

“These children had no other alternative than to stay at home – uneducated, unemployable and hopeless in their state-provided ‘sinkhokkies’. This behaviour and attitude of the DA and the WCED is directly contributing to the hopelessness in many of the previously marginalised Coloured communities and the poorer African Black townships. Clearly this is proof that this DA government do not really care for the poor and the future of our next generation,” Joseph reiterated.

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