Door to door campaign message by EFF Provincial Secretary



This weekend will see the escalation of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ programme of going door to door in communities all over the Western Cape. Fighters from all regions will volunteer their best efforts on the ground to advance the revolutionary program of radical economic transformation, land reform and better service delivery.

We have been warmly received by the residents in many communities. Everywhere the EFF goes, people are curious and willing to listen. They ask us every kind of question imaginable, but the most important question is this: What is to be done?

Facing the challenges of structural apartheid, discrimination, racism, lack of economic opportunities, violence, substance abuse, lack of service delivery, lack of access to information and others is a task that requires fight. It is a mission that requires standing up to the powers that sustain such inequality. It requires bravery, selflessness and sacrifice.

The EFF has already demonstrated to the people of South Africa what we can do when we are united by the moral cause of Economic Freedom In Our Lifetime. We have held the highest power in the land to account. We will hold power to account wherever we serve. Too much has been done to rob the poor of their due by incompetent of corrupt local government officials for us to be silent and compliant in the theft of our land and resources.

To those who will be receiving our volunteers into your homes to learn more about our revolutionary programme to emancipate the people of South Africa from economic slavery, we salute you. We thank your for your gracious hospitality. We are ready to ask and answer the difficult questions with the respect due you as a citizen who deserves to know more.

To our volunteers and leadership who will be going door to door, we remind you to be disciplined, respectful, tenacious and safe. People are ready to hear our message and we must listen to their views as well, whether they are just curious or ready to sign up and be on the right side of history.

For the first time in the history of EFF, we will have ward and PR councillors serving in wards, sub-councils and councils. Local government is the engine room of service delivery and the EFF will play its role in service delivery and governance.

Our party volunteers will be gearing up for the 05th and 06th March Voter Registration and will be available in every voting station to assist our people with the processes. We appeal to the people of the Western Cape to go out in their numbers to register to vote EFF in the coming Local Government Elections, and those registered to go and verify their details with the IEC.

Political freedom without economic freedom is meaningless.

Touch let’s go! Siyagijima

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