Message from EFF WC Chairperson: A Red Tide of Economic Freedom

As Chairperson of EFF in the Western Cape it gives me great pleasure to unveil our new platform to you – Western Cape Red Tide This is the official communications platform of, about, and for, EFF members in the Western Cape. Red Tide reports our actions and interventions in all of our structures all in the interests of advancing the struggle for “Economic Freedom in our Lifetime!”

EFF has fought against the exploitation of the poor by the forces of capitalism at every level. As a revolutionary and radical movement we can assure you that this approach will not be changed.

Deur onderduimse, slinkse taktieke en gewetenlose optrede, is ons land van ons gesteel. Vandag begin die EFF met ‘n veldtog om die praktyke van Stellenbosch Munisipaliteit te ondersoek, waar politieke individue gehelp word om voordeel te trek uit hierdie onwettige land stelery.

Land that was promised to poor communities finds its way into the hands of private developers, like Marais Steyn, grandson of a former apartheid president of the same name. Steyn has learned well from his oupa, because as in apartheid, electric fences criss cross the land he stole, re-inforcing apartheid divisions and restricting access for the poor. Poverty is entrenched, as is all the societal ills that afflict poor communities, such as crime, drug abuse and violence.

It is time to restore the dignity of our people through economic emancipation. EFF Western Cape will continue the revolutionary program that is driven by the 7 Non Negotiable Pillars:

1. Expropriation of land without compensation

2. Nationalization of mines and banks

3. Free equality education, healthcare, houses

4. Building state and government capacity

5. Massive protected industrial development

6. Massive investment in the development of the African economy

7. Open, accountable, corrupt-free government and society
Only real and radical economic emancipation of our people can cure the social ills plagueing our society. There is enough wealth for all in the Western Cape to benefit. The problem is that its not being used for the advancement of the poor, and the blame for this lies squarely at the door of the capitalist serving Democratic Alliance.

Die DA stel nie belang in die ekonomiese opheffing van die armes. Hulle verwerp die armes in ghettos. Die DA het die gevoel van waarde en selfwaarde gestroop van die armes. Die gemeenskappe is daar gestel om as goedkoop arbeid op te tree vir al hul sakebelange sodat die DA bevoordeel word daardeur.
Its time to expose these and other practices of the political establishment. Its time for the people to be heard. will be a valuable tool in our fight against the forces of neoliberalism, rapacious capitalism, racism, economic exclusion, poor service delivery and corruption.


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