The Economic Freedom Fighters Western Cape is not surprised at the latest revelation that there may be no budget allocation for Khayelitsha in the R62.5 million set aside by the City of Cape Town for public lighting.

This comes just a few weeks after the sitting Mayor, Dan Plato was caught on camera conversing with what seemed like a city employee, vomiting some of the most disturbing anti-black, anti-poor and divisive utterances by  insinuating that the Western Cape fiscus is seemingly overburdened by individuals who do not originate from the province. He furthermore lamented on how they do not seem to have the capacity to “think” for themselves and thus closing off the province from other South Africans.

This is the same Democratic Alliance that claims to want to have “One South Africa For All”, the same Democratic Alliance that claims it wants an inclusive country and the same DA that wants to keep two political parties that represent two thirds  of the electorate out of the province which they are in governance. City of Cape Town on the other hands  claims to be “a caring & inclusive City for all who lives in it ” but yet it’s the opposite when it comes to a certain race. The level of contradiction is palpable.

But alas! This has been the stance and modus operandi of the Democratic Alliance since inception, whether lead by a white person or a black person and we are therefore not surprised.

The EFF in the Western Cape asserts its position that the DA is a party that is stuck on apartheid National Party visions of the country, but with a witty liberal rebranding.

The EFF in the Western Cape maintains that this revelation, coupled with Dan Plato’s utterances a few weeks ago, reveals more of how the DA does not value the lives of black people in this province, whether in Khayelitsha or in Manenberg; in Zwelethemba or in Amstelhof and will continue with its structural racism and the exclusion of our people.

Children have died from electrocution ; women have been raped, stabbed and killed on their way to and from work and thousands continue losing homes and valuables as a result of shack fires which could have been avoided if the DA acted swiftly to this crisis.

The EFF in the Western Cape believes that because these are problems faced by the black majority which is viewed as mere cheap labour and an unnecessary burden by the DA, the DA will certainly move at snail pace to address these challenges.

The EFF in the Western Cape will definitely investigate the matter and hold the City of Cape Town and the Democratic Alliance accountable for how it executes its service delivery and the People’s financial resources.

The EFF Western Cape has held various community meetings to establish challenges faced by our people, including the people of Khayelitsha and has continued to fight for them in various spheres of government and will continue to do so.

As a protest movement, which is a vanguard of the working class, we will never hesitate to stand side by side with our people and take the conversation to the streets, should the DA-led City of Cape Town continue ignoring our people’s mandate  and advises as it has for the past three years in councils across the province.

The days of the  DA’s thinking that the Western Cape is a country next to South Africa, reserved for the elite whites are coming to an end, and the upcoming Elections will put a stamp on this assertion.



Contact :
Cmsr Melikhaya Xego (Provincial Chairperson) : 081 711 3938
Ftr Phiwaba Madokwe (Provincial Media and Communications Liaison): 065 990 7211
E-mail : effwcapemediaandcomms@gmail.com
Facebook : Economic Freedom Fighters Western Cape
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