EFF WESTERN CAPE lashes out at saps, businesses sector regarding the recent mall robberies

The SAPS and business community have failed the people of Western Cape again.

With the spate of robberies that happened at shopping malls it became evident that the officers with the credo ” to serve and protect” cannot proactively plan to live out their slogan.

Every year during the festive season the same ugly thing rears its head. By now the top brass of SAPS must have implemented measures to stop these life-threatening situations for the people doing their festive shopping in these malls.

Simultaneously it is the duty of the business community to ensure the safety of their clients who is spending millions of rands in supporting their businesses.

The Economic Freedom Fighters is of the opinion SAPS and the business community has enough funding at their disposal to do a much better job of protecting the general public as they are doing now. Robberies at Vangate and N1 City malls are unacceptable, considered that malls in general is planned with security concerns in mind.

EFF delegation which included the Provincial Chairperson, Bernand Joseph, visited the two affected business communities (Standard Bank N1 city and Clicks Vangate Mall).

The shootings in Mitchells Plain earlier this month prove undoubtedly that SAPS, the Provincial Community Safety department and the City of Cape Town has stagnated in terms of securing the wellbeing of citizens.

The EFF would also like to sensitize shoppers and the greater community to be extra vigilante during this festive time.

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