Pre-election countdown – weekly message from Western Cape Economic Freedom Fighters Chairperson

With electioneering in full swing ahead of the Local Government Elections, I think we can safely say that there isn’t any political party with more passionate fighters and supporters than the Economic Freedom Fighters.

The DA and other capitalist vehicles must be kicking themselves. They miscalculated that if they just waited for the children born after the humiliation of the Apartheid white-minority regime to become old enough to vote, they would have a generation of “cattle” fixated on brand-name clothing and the next must-have item.

Instead our youth has turned out to be independent-thinking, socially-conscious and fully aware that the future is theirs. A future they are in charge of moulding. A future where gross inequality and enforced poverty need not exist.

Our Fighters pound the streets until late at night knowing that they are working toward their Economic Freedom. Economic Freedom for All South Africans.

These fighters are finishing the job that their parents began in 1976. This time, however, the students are tech-savvy, confident and twice as determined. Now allied with seasoned struggle-era activists who are disillusioned with the gangrenous rot that has taken hold within the ANC, the only outcome is radical change.

Our youth has shown with initiatives like #FeesMustFall that they are fully aware of the political realities in South Africa.

White-interest parties like the DA and Vryheidsfront want to keep education and opportunities out of reach of the poor. The privileged few connected to the ANC are happy to allow this situation to continue.  Julius Malema and the EFF fighters want quality education for all.

As we begin yet another week of electioneering, let us not forget the importance of our task. We each have our role to play and as rivulets feed into the torrent, so too do individual tasks feed into the collective action of our revolutionary movement. Votes are there to be won in this final stretch of campaigning, but at all times we must not lose focus on the purpose of our endeavours. Vote gathering is the means by which we will assume political power, but our true purpose is the complete emancipation from economic lack for all who continue to suffer from social and economic injustice.

The EFF is the only party that stands with the poor, the downtrodden, the forgotten and the abandoned. Only the arrogant claim to speak FOR the poor,  but the dutiful and humble revolutionary helps the poor to at last speak for themselves. It is in this spirit that I bid our fighters align their actions for the coming week.

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