To attend or not to attend SONA

Committed fighters of eff is attending SONA’s to show the African ingrained care for others. A term we as Africans (blacks) call “Ubuntu”.

We received a call from our national leadership to attend the 2017 SONA with increased numbers as before.

As committed, dedicated and “fear fokkol” fighters of our movement we must adhere to the call of our elected upper structure!

This is solely to show 25 commissars of eff in parliament that they have the backing of all fighters in the western cape in their noble quest to highlight the illegitimacy of Zuma and his ANC MP’s.

Please mobilize fighters, sympathizers and everyone for whom the future of our country is paramount, to attend.

Utilize public transport where designated transport cannot be reached

The eff needs you in numbers at SONA 2017!!!!!

Provincial ChairpersonBernard Joseph.

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