Western Cape Whites showing their true racial colours again?

The widely accepted ways of children playing with one another and thereafter disagreeing, but within 5 minutes engaging as if nothing had happened has bring out the deep hate that white people harbours for Blacks in the Western Cape.

Innocent children ways of interacting with one another led to the white child’s father telling the Black parent ” You are a k……..”.

Children from any racial group have the knack to sort out their differences in their own peaceful way, but the intervention of over protected parents usually muddles the water.

This is what exactly happened and the Black parent, in protecting the dignity of all South Africans, was left with no other option but to act decisively.

She will lay a charge at the Goodwood Equality Court on 12/01/2018. Representatives of the EFF will assist her to make sure that that this kind of unacceptable behaviour from white people is dealt with decisively.

Bernard Joseph
EFF Western Cape Chairperson.

Economic Freedom Fighters

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a revolutionary socialist economic emancipation movement founded in 2013 in South Africa to fight for economic freedom in our lifetime.

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