EFF WC welcomes western cape high court judgement against Afriforum

EFF Western Cape Chairperson Bernard Joseph today welcomed the judgment that prevents Afriforum from imposing a gag order on persons who have exposed the use of Afriforum’s rape threats as a means of intimidation of protesters at Stellenbosch University. The fact of the matter is that just like their forebears who used rape as a means of subjugation, Afriforum members showed their basest colonial instincts and threatened to rape protesters, including a rape victim, and then made light of it. (YouTube footage).

Rape culture must be rooted out of our patriarchal society wherever we live and work. Where it rears its head, it must be exposed and its exponents censured. We must not be afraid to speak out against those who threaten and perpetrate sexual violence against the historically oppressed. We commend our students and activists of every background, race and gender who continue to fight for the decolonization of our society and the fall of its power structures including the use of language to exclude and sexual violence to subjugate.

Afriforum likes to present itself as the champion of the Afrikaans language but it only speaks for one kind of Afrikaans speaker – the conservative white racist who harbours ill intentions towards those who do not share their perverted belief that they hold a divine right to rule over black and coloured people. It is this kind of Afrikaaner who stole the Afrikaans language from the slaves and festooned it with white nationalism as a tool to divide and conquer.

Afriforum is a racist organisation that has within its ranks and organizational culture a tolerance for rape culture, especially when deployed as a tool against “the other”. Unfortunately for Afriforum “the other” is the majority of people in our country and it includes non-white people who speak Afrikaans

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