New year’s message from EFF Western Cape

2016 started as a promising year for EFF in the Western Cape, a year full of expectations which kicked off with working the ground, the annual plenum in Benoni, Gauteng followed by the continuous engagement with communities as we geared ourselves for Local Government Elections. A year which identified fighters from those who talk the walk, instead of walk the talk.

A year in which EFF gained massive support, but failed to convert that support into votes. Our opposition shuddered under the impact the EFF made and had to turn to underhanded tactics in carving our support base away. Some Regional leaders were lured away, leaders who were privy to our election strategy. Notwithstanding that, our ground forces were steadfast in their quest to ensure a good showing during elections.

We managed to ensure 22 PR seats in the Western Cape. The only Region that we do not have municipal representation in, is Central Karoo.

The inauguration of our Councilors did not happen without hassles. To our advantage most fighters in the Western Cape showed revolutionary discipline and adhered to the doctrine of democratic centralism. There are of course some dissidents still out there, the message to them is clear “Everyone is welcome in the EFF fold, providing you subscribe and adhere to our membership oath, our Constitution and our Founding Statement”.

We will take 2016 as lessons learnt and will ensure 2017 is much, much more productive. We must consolidate and built our support in 2017. It will be good to attach measuring tools to it to gauge our progress constantly. It will be a year totally different from 2016. PCT deployees must give full attention to their deployed regions, strategies will be implemented and results measured. The time for spoon feeding individuals responsible for growth in the EFF, has passed.

Our organization is accepting people from different schools of thought politically. Although we are a radical movement which is open to robust debates, these debates must take place within the EFF fold and be conducted in such a manner that it does not cloud the name and reputation of the EFF negatively.

The Provincial leadership has established a disciplinary committee who will be responsible for enforcing the Code of Conduct of our organization. We are therefore geared to raise the bar considerably and to take the movement to another level.

The PCT is attending a Plenum in Gauteng as from 19 January – 22 January 2017. This Plenum will result in directions from CCT as to what is to be done for 2017, endorsed by the broader leadership of EFF country-wide. After the plenum, PCT members whom are deployed to the different regions within the Western Cape are to implement the plenum resolutions.

In conclusion, we want to motivate fighters to get acquainted with all documents sacred to the EFF and additionally know and implement the revised guidelines on establishment of branches.

Allow me to, on behalf of the whole Provincial Command Team to convey our utmost appreciation for the work that has been done in 2016.

We pray for a revolutionary growth trajectory in 2017. A 2017 in which all of us enjoy good health, economically be more blessed, be steadfast in building and consolidating branches that is the cornerstone of ensuring freedom for all.

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