EFF WC response on 2016 matric results

The EFF in the Western Cape congratulates all Matric learners of the class of 2016 in successfully completing the basic education phase.

To those who did not make it we want to emphasize that it is not the end of the world and encourage those to continue steadfastly in the quest for success.

The EFF is of the view, however, that our economy needs artisans, information technologists, medical personnel, financial practitioners, and employment fields of which Mathematics, Science and Accountancy is a prerequisite for acceptance in higher learning institutions.

It is in this subjects that it is evident that the Western Cape Education Department lacks the capacity to instill interest in learners.

Research has shown that an Early Childhood Development program, specifically concentrating on 0 – 4 year olds is essential and needs to be implemented especially in the historical disadvantaged communities as a matter of urgency. This phase is the most important formative years in a child’s life.

The Western Cape Provincial Government must as a matter of principle implement an ECD program that speaks to accommodating every single child in the Province.

Every Municipality must be legally bound to build, maintain and financially support at least an ECD center in every IEC ward in the Province. Innovative financial models are available, ready to implement.

One of the 7 cardinal pillars of the EFF is quality and free education up to first degree level which is possible to implement and execute.

The EFF has also directed their councilors and the general membership to visit all schools in their wards of residence and ascertain the needs and challenges the schools might face to find implement solutions in consultation with the School leadership, Student Governing Bodies and parents.

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