Open letter to FNB CEO about their N1 City branch manager racist conduct

A branch manager of FNB at their N1 City branch in Goodwood, Cape Town has been embroiled in a racist slander towards other female employees. She allegedly called one of the employees a “stupid monkey”.

This matter was brought to the attention of the EFF leadership in the Western Cape which immediately took it up with FNB management in the Western Cape. The manager was suspended and subsequently found guilty during the disciplinary hearing which led to the termination of her contract. The dismissed manager appealed this decision, and was subsequently reinstated by FNB. The manager has now been deployed to the Paarl branch in the Boland. FNB confirmed that they are against racism in all its forms. However the action of FNB proves the contrary.

In view of the above actions by this corporate entity, serving the majority, we as the EFF cannot allow the injustices of the past to still continue today. It needs to be mentioned that such behaviour from the white advantaged minority cannot be condoned. In essence FNB is saying that the Black employee as well as the witnesses has lied and that they believe the story of one person (their white manager). After alerting FNB about the unacceptable actions of their manager the black employee was victimized up to the end that she encountered disciplinary action taken against her.

The majority of FNB’s clients are Black and to call a Black employee a ‘stupid monkey” is the pinnacle of arrogance and calls for drastic action. If this serious issue is not addressed speedily and actions acceptable to EFF implemented we will have no other option to call on all EFF members and the broader public to seriously reconsider their continuous relationship with the Bank.

Depending on your response the EFF might consider opening a case with the Equality Court in which their manager in her personal capacity and the Bank as the employer of the complainant and condoner of racist behavior will be litigated.

The EFF will continue to pursue this matter until justice has been served.

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