Quds day official statement – EFF marched in solidarity for the cause of the Palestinian people

EFF Western Cape Provincial Chairperson Bernard Joseph and Fighters from all over the City of Cape Town marched in solidarity for the cause of the Palestinian people. International Quds day drew attention to the continued oppression of Palestinian men, women and children by the apartheid state of Israel.

Let us not mince our words – Zionism is racism. Zionism oppressors kill, maim, torture and starve the ordinary people of Palestine on a daily basis. The Zionist state of Israel must fall.

South Africa and our government must do more to support the cause of Palestine. Unfortunately the ANC government undermines the cause by not acting against South African citizens who go abroad to become Zionist mercenaries. These mercenaries must be brought to book in South African courts of law. Government has a list of names of these individuals but has not done anything about this. EFF will rigorously pursue this matter as it compromises the security of the state. No constitutional democracy can allow it’s citizens to become international terrorists who kill innocent civilians.

The less said about the DA the better. Together with their Zionist backers, they make fools out of Muslim voters by continuing to maintain a cozy relationship with these imperialist terrorists and still expecting Muslims and those who support a free Palestine to vote for them.

EFF is of the belief that Palestine will be free as a matter of course. The forces of history dictate that an oppressor inevitably falls in the face of sustained international pressure and fierce internal resistance, as was the case in South Africa. Freedom is coming.

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